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CoinFinance Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

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    CoinFinance allows the tracking of 353 digital currencies. One can use it to track their portfolio and data concerning latest prices and information about cryptocurrencies.

    Based in Asuncion, Paraguay, the team consists of designers and web developers. The company defines itself as the equivalent of Google Finance for cryptocurrencies. It makes it easy for users to keep track of crypto data now that there are so many cryptos in the market today.

    CoinFinance Features

    It has three main features;

    • Converter of currencies
    • Mining calculators
    • Gainers and Losers

    The basic features allow you to watch your progress in the market for the particular currency you hold. Particularly, each coin has a page with information on the coin prices, coin information, charts, market caps, and markets. Additionally, CoinFinance has various features that allow you to track your portfolio.

    Moving forward, CoinFinance is planning a iPhones and Android devices applications as well as an API. The API will allow developers to access information available on the website. They also hope to add in more widgets for bloggers or webmasters.

    How CoinFinance works?

    You only need an email address to sign up with CoinFinance. Just click on the “Create your portfolio” link on their website. Then choose the name of portfolio, type in some captcha codes and click send.

    CoinFinance Cryptocurrency Portfolio

    A login hash shows up, which you must copy and paste into the login box. You can also use QR login or receive it via email.

    Adding portfolio is simple: click on the “Bitcoin” or other crypto or its short code and add the quantity. The choice will appear in the portfolio. Also, you are able to search for real-time prices, rankings, and conversion rates for each cryptocurrency listing. In addition, you can also add widgets to your websites to get up-to-date information as well as historical data on crypto listings.

    How Is It Useful?

    The main page is a chart of Bitcoin price in USD and how the price compares in top three exchanges. You can switch the chart to check histories by day, week, or month or continue to Bitcoin ticker. Using this and other information, users can become wise investors. It also gives you information such as live quotes from different exchanges and comparison among cryptocurrencies against US dollar and other fiat.

    You are able to develop a wealth graph that shows progress for the portfolio over time. In addition, you can record the value of wealth at any time. This is simply by clicking the “Snap It Button” and the snapshot will be integrated in the graph. Besides, you can create multiple portfolios to use.
    The wealth on the ‘Coin Wealth’ display shows in comparison to the currency pair you choose.

    Clicking on each cryptocurrency, their page gives information such as price conversion to other currencies (USD, Euro and Chinese Yuan). Apart from price conversion feature, there is the day’s fluctuation, mining calculator, and evolution of the currency during the time of its existence.

    You are also able to find news of a particular cryptocurrency on the individual crypto page.

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