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Blockfolio Crypto Tracking Review

Blockfolio is a cryptocurrency price and portfolio tracking that delivers excellent charting, working alerts, more compact portfolio page and adjustable crypto news.

The interface is not as congested as you might see in many other free apps and it provides a very simple and easy navigation. Users are able to also customize various things, from the order of the coins on the home page to exchange the data is derived from.

You can also toggle to change between fiat and bitcoin for the default pricing of the cryptocurrencies.

How it works

The homepage provides an overview of all crypto prices and percentage changes of the coins over a given period. Clicking on each coin provides indepth data and information about that coin. Therefore, this would still be a good tool to track prices of any cryptocurrencies as well as their historic data in order to make decisions on whether to add it to your portfolio.

For those looking for a tool to track portfolio, this tool is also indepth in data it provides. You are able to choose preferred coins and exchanges by clicking on the plus sign on the top left. However, you can only add multiple portfolio on the paid pro version.


Like many other portfolio tracking tools I have or we have reviewed elsewhere, Blockfolio allows any trader to add different coins in the portfolio. After that, you can track the price of every coin in the porfolio. You are able to also track the percentage price change in the last 24 hours.

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Beside every cryptocurrency in your portfolio is an alert that you can set in order to get a signal when the price targets are reached. This allows you to make a buy or sell decision as wished.

Other tabs and features

Clicking on each of the cryptocurrencies in your portfolio, you can see the chart, book and alert and positions buttons on the top nav bar. Clicking on the chart allows you to get a chart with details on price movement and percentage change over a period. This tab also offers other data such as the 24hour volume, highest and lowest price, ask, bid and your total holdings for that currency.

The books tab allows you to update the buy/sell orders on the selected exchange, for that particular cryptocurrency. You are able to see the prices for each pf the orders and the amount as well as the trades.

The alerts button is good for the paranoid and if you want to stay set to make a move when a particular price level is reached, as will every crypto trader. The edit alert button allows you to do that the way you like for each crypto because you can set the exchange. However, from where you want data derived, the minimum and maximum threshold, and the alert frequency.

The holdings button lets you log your purchases and sales and have your gains and losses tracked in the summary at the top.

One more important feature is the news, which allows you to track what is happening from other sites. You can customize the tool to feature any news sources and more RSS feeds to the scraper. Using the news information, you are able to gauge interest in a given cryptocurrency at a given time period.

Other information

Blockfolio also includes a customer relations/support page and are active on Twitter and google app store pages to respond to client issues.

Although some trading pairs are missing from this crypto tracking tool, it provides a good catch for cryptocurrency pairs. And in addition to all the aforementioned features, Blockfolio has a useful “hide balances” option for privacy and integrates with ES File Explorer to send data.

You can also use the “hide” options for zero and small holdings to keep your portfolio clean especially on Binance where there is lots of dust.

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