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Altpocket – BETA allows users to track their investments by entering them manually or entering and calculating them automatically using Bitrexx’s API.

This crypto portfolio tracking app allows you track prices for 1324 coins. This is in addition to tracking your own portfolio and following other users using social features. This means you can copy investors who are making massive returns from their trade and expect to perform much better. It also allows you to discuss crypto with the rest of the community.

Features and benefits of Altpocket

Altpocket currently supports 1324 coins and multiple APIs and lets users connect their Poloniex and Bittrex accounts with the tracker account using APIs.

Their iOS and Android mobile application launched this past May and started supporting trading later this year.

It also supports automatic order grabbing from Poloniex and Bittrex. The features include verified investments where users can automatically grab orders from either Polo, Bittrex and Coinbase. The platform also imports buys and sells and calculate their profits.

You can add investments by bitcoin price or USD price and mark investments as sold. It is also possible to customize your avatar (as well as the header, About text and biography).

The app also packs in a lot of social features that allow users to follow others, comment on or express their being “impressed” (using a button) by others.

The social features that allow users to follow others and copy trades are certainly very helpful for newbies. People willing to improve on their trading can also use these features.

The team comprises of developers with experience working with e-learning platform. It also has a sleek design.

How Altpocket works?

By using social features, you are able to get from or give tips to other traders to help yourself or them with their portfolio and trading.

To track other investors in order to copy them, go to the “Leader boards” section. You are able to search users by invested amount, most profit or by name if you already heard about them. It will list users alongside the amount of profit they have made or their impressions. You can click on each and follow them. These profits and impressions are verified.

The app also lists all ICOs in the ICO section and you can stay up to date with the latest ones or hottest ones in addition to communicating with the creators.

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