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Whales Stacking Huge XRP Tokens with Rumors of Ripple VS SEC lawsuit Settlement! 

Author: Qadir AK

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Data from WhaleAlert shows that over 225 million XRP tokens have been traded on and off of cryptocurrency exchanges by whales. Despite the increasing volatility in the cryptocurrency market, whales have collected more than 165 million XRP tokens in the last 24 hours. The entire worth of the whale collection is around $61 million.

The highest whale accumulation, as determined by the tracker, came from the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp and is valued at nearly $20.3 million. These whales have additionally contributed more than 96 million XRP from the same exchange when taken together.

By November 30, Ripple’s response to the SEC’s brief on the summary judgment request might be sent to the judge, which is seen to be crucial at this point. John Deaton, the lawyer defending XRP investors in court, also mentioned the settlement’s terms. He asserted that a Settlement would occur either when the SEC provided Hinman’s documentation or when the LBC token from LBRY would be asked to be recognized as a security.

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