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Shiba Inu Whales Sell Whopping 1.2 Trillion SHIB Tokens In Just Two Days!

Written by: Qadir AK

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Sep 20, 2022


The wallet tracker, WhaleStats, has disclosed on its website that the largest Ethereum addresses that hold Shiba Inu meme coins have sold a significant amount of them – more than 1.2 trillion within the past two days. This makes up to $13,000,000 in fiat. Before this, these whales got away with another trillion SHIB.

More specifically, as per WhaleStats, the top 100 Ethereum wallets hold $127,185,426 worth of SHIB, which is $13 million less than the $140 million in SHIB they were holding on Saturday. The crypto equivalent of the sold assets is a net total of 1,207,056,638,811. During last week as well, a similar amount of SHIB – 1,115,879,828,326, was dumped on the market over the weekend.

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