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PlanB’s Bitcoin Forecast: BTC Price To Hit $1Million By 2025

Author: Elena R

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Elena is an expert in technical analysis and risk management in cryptocurrency market. She has 10+year experience in writing - accordingly she is avid journalists with a passion towards researching new insights coming into crypto erena.

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PlanB predicts that Bitcoin will reach $1 million by 2025 and $32,000 by 2024 halving. He argues that the stock-to-flow model remains reliable and the new bull market has already started. The yellow range estimate for 2025 is between $100,000 and $1,000,000. PlanB criticizes those calling the early-year rise a bull trap and remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s future growth potential. Currently, Bitcoin is at $23,593, down 2.6% from its weekly high.

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