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Morpho, The New Ethereum Application To Reunite Borrowers And Lenders

Author: Qadir AK

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Qadir Ak is the founder of Coinpedia. He has over a decade of experience writing about technology and has been covering the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since 2010. He has also interviewed a few prominent experts within the cryptocurrency space.

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Co-founded by Paul Frambot, Morpho is an Ethereum application that adds P2P lending to protocols like Compound and Aave. The introduction of decentralized finance lending pools facilitated the development of a liquid decentralized money market. A revision of the already advanced system and a return to the specific borrower and lender are necessary to improve Defi lending in 2022. Morpho’s aim, as he stated in an interview, is to “make efficient lending a common good.” When linking individual lenders and borrowers, lending pools fill the liquidity gap. On Aave and Compound, lending pools hold billions of dollars, but this system comes with its own set of drawbacks.

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