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Here Is How Ethereum’s Shanghai Will Benefit Traders

Author: Delma Wilson

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Shanghai, Ethereum’s next upgrade after the Merge, is scheduled for the second half of 2023. This upgrade plays an important role as after the upgrade is completed, ETH holders who have staked the currency for years will be allowed to withdraw them and make the network more scalable.

Additionally, the upgrade will introduce a few Ethereum improvement proposals (EIPs) like EIP-3651, EIP-3855 and EIP-3860. Among these, EIP-3651 or WARM Coinbase is a crucial one as it will decrease the network fees for network  builders.

These builders are the one who turns Ethereum transactions into blocks and that’s the reason they are called block builders. This upgrade will benefit traders who make use of builders, as they will not be required to pay transaction fees.

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