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FTX Hacker Gets 21,155 Ethereum Transferred From Other Hacker Account

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    PeckShieldsAlert, a data analytic company has disclosed that FTX hacker’s wallet address which is known as FTX Account Drainer has received massive Ethereum from other hackers addresses. The firm claims that FTX Account Drainers 2,5, and 6 have transferred 21,155 Ethereum to FTX Account Drainer.

    As of now the hacker’s address contains a sum of 179,668 ETH which is worth nearly $227.5 million. This news is followed hours after PeckShieldsAlert revealed hackers account holdings. The FTX Account Drainer’s address has marked Ethereum as the top crypto asset. The address also holds $85.9 million worth of stablecoins, 145K SOL worth of $2 million along with 148K BNB ($41.7 million) among others.

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