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Elon Musk Rejected FTX CEO’s $3 Billion Twitter Investment Offer

Author: Delma Wilson

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Michael Grimes, who was earlier known with an account name of Musk’s banker, has shared a conversation between Elon Musk and Sam Bankman-Fried. As per the conversation, Bankman-Fried had come forward to invest $1 billion to $5 billion in the Elon Musk-Twitter acquisition deal. Also SBF had offered to help Elon Musk move to Twitter to blockchain once the deal is completed.

After which Elon Musk explained that Twitter on blockchain is an impossible deal as the platform is not capable of dealing with peer-to-peer networks in order to assist bandwidth requirements. Later Elon Musk had also asked Michael Grimes if Sam Bankman really had $1-$5 billion.

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