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BitBoy Crypto: Former Sec Director Took Bribes To Declare ETH A Commodity

Author: Qadir AK

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In an Oct 9 tweet, Ben Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto) claimed that William Hinman, the former SEC director, received bribes to deem Ethereum (ETH) a commodity.

Armstrong made his comment in response to Charles Hoskinson’s (Cardano founder) opinion on the problem of SEC corruption.

Earlier that day, Hoskinson tweeted that instead of hinting that the SEC gave Ethereum a free pass due to corruption, Ripple’s attorneys should argue that an independent and decentralized coin like XRP should not be considered a security. 

Ripple’s community had suspected William Hinman of accepting bribes from businesses with a financial state in ETH. They believe that this is the reason Hinman announced that Ethereum and Bitcoin were not securities in a 2018 speech.

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