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Alameda’s Ethereum Wallet Holding Drop By 50%

Author: Delma Wilson

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As per Lookonchain, an on-chain research firm, Alameda Research now holds only 56 Ethereum addresses which indicates a drop from its $500 million holdings on October 1. Currently, Ethereum is down by 16% in the last 24hrs.

Nearly $150 million of Alameda’s tokens are stored in its Ethereum wallets among which 50% was stored in just one wallet. On the other hand, other 13 Ethereum addresses hold beyond $1 million and another 19 have $100,000. Overall the research claims that Alameda has a debt of $3.6 million.

Meanwhile it has been reported that Alameda has supplied nearly 6.9 million FTT which is worth of $35 million to Abracadabra, a DeFi lending platform.

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