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Merge is Completed ! Will Ethereum Work On Gas Fees Reduction Now?

Written by: Qadir AK

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Qadir AK

Qadir Ak is the founder of Coinpedia. He has over a decade of experience writing about technology and has been covering the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since 2010. He has also interviewed a few prominent experts within the cryptocurrency space.

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Sep 15, 2022


The most awaited Ethereum Merger was finally accomplished which is expected to enhance the scalability with a secure environment. The chain has become greener now as energy consumption has dropped more than 99%. On the other hand, the issuance of ETH tokens has also slashed heavily soon after the Beacon chain merger with the Ethereum Mainnet. However, the Ethereum gas fees remained less impacted by the event. As previously speculated by many, the gas fees could remain unaltered as the transition from PoW to PoS does not aim to address the high gas fee issue but may enhance the scalability of the platform.

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