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Thailand Initiates the Use Blockchain Technology for Voting

The Democrat party at Thailand uses Zcoin Blockchain to demo a live e-voting held from Nov 1-9, 2018. Thailand is the world’s first country to use this technology in the voting sector.


During the election, there was more than 1, 20,000 votes cast. The winner was Abhisit Vejjajiva-former Thai prime minister wins by 67, 505 votes. The second rival party was Warong Dechgitvigrom, receiving 57,689 votes. The participants have the chance to vote in two ways.

  1. Voting stations backing with a Raspberry Pi voting system
  2. Blockchain application- D-Elect that prompt voters to submit their ID proof

Every single voting information gets a store within a decentralizing distributive file system. This system holds massive volumes of data also familiar as IPFS. These IPFS hashes then transfer on the Zcoin blockchain technology. Poramin Insom, the founder and lead developer at Zcoin, makes a public statement:

I am very proud that Zcoin played a role in making Thailand’s first large-scale e-vote, a reality, which saw greater voter participation and transparency.

Sometimes later, Zcoin quotes in an online post saying,

The vote was concluded with a total of 127,479 votes that came from all over Thailand and to the best of our knowledge this is the world’s first mobile application of blockchain technology in a political election of this scale.

However, this election success has paved the way for adopting blockchain technology. Thailand declares as the first initiator to use blockchain technology via an app in a political field. This specifies that there’s still scope for other countries to follow the bandwagon of the blockchain.

Blockchain Technology and Thailand

Thailand is not the only one open to the technology. West Virginia is using a Blockchain app by Voatz as a demo for midterm federal election. This is allowing the military personnel living abroad to easily cast their vote just via a mobile app.

Voting requires a highly secure process and blockchain tech proves to be the best amongst all. It recognizes the candidates’ identity and then decides their eligibility to vote. Blockchain mostly seems to be controversial technology. Some agree with its usage and some finds it insecure. However, with the continuous streamline in Blockchain industries, it will surpass and go beyond cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, blockchain is already in use with healthcare, finance and business sectors. Majority of companies are looking for specializing in Blockchain development services. Blockchain is the demand of the coming generation.

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