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NASDAQ and Microsoft Tied Up To Offer Blockchain Software

NASDAQ and Microsoft again comes together to drive in the blockchain promise. Microsoft Azure blockchain services are integrating with the Financial Framework of NASDAQ.

The two terms, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain have been influencing many traditional technologies together with financial companies for a long time. Moreover, everyone is looking to board the bus in the best possible way to adopt the latest technologies. Same is the case with NASDAQ and Microsoft!

The Collaboration to Offer Blockchain Software

Recently, a news source says that Microsoft Azure blockchain services are ready to integrate with the Financial Framework of NASDAQ. This provides software for exchanges, traders, and clearinghouses as well. Basically, they can interact and communicate with each other. This partnership will create a blockchain system enabling variant technologies to work together for NASDAQ clients.

The company says it will make it easier to match buyers and sellers, and manage the delivery, payment, and settlement of transactions.

Nasdaq Financial Framework will also provide users the access to use distinct blockchain via one common interface. This will ease and boost up the blockchain usage, letting users choose the best possible option for different situations.

Individually, both the companies, NASDAQ and Microsoft are doing great in blockchain and cryptocurrencies resp. NASDAQ already introduces their plans on listing multiple cryptos in the first quarter of 2019.

On the other hand, Microsoft partners with Starbucks, and Intercontinental Exchange. They are collectively working for the launch of Bakkt. Basically, allowing users and institutions to trade and spend cryptocurrencies via a global network.

What do you think about their partnership for delivering blockchain software? Share your opinions on the same!

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