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Microsoft’s New Blockchain Development Kit Will Save You Tons

The new software development kit by Microsoft will now allow businesses to construct blockchain technology for particular use cases.


Microsoft aims to aid integration of a distributed ledger technology with the existing data & legacy systems. To solve the issues purposefully, Microsoft releases a blockchain development kit deploying it on the Azure cloud platform. They design this kit to provide seamless integration including third-party SaaS offerings. The principal program manager at Microsoft, Marc Mercuri belongs to a blockchain engineering team mentions in a blog post,


This kit extends the capabilities of our blockchain developer templates and Azure Blockchain Workbench, which incorporates Azure services for key management, off-chain identity and data, monitoring, and messaging APIs into a reference architecture that can be used to rapidly build blockchain-based applications.

This SDK will awake the distributive ledgers up and drive in quick response. They can now develop applications in days rather than months. Users have the access to integrate blockchain workflows while using an existing system.

They can access ongoing applications advancing Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps. The project offers the extending functionalities with a REST API which is helpful at client development side. They also include a message API, especially for a system-to-system integration.

Microsoft blockchain Development Kit

Microsoft points to previous existing blockchain apps. However, they help create a transparent electronic ledger within a supply chain financing sector at Nigeria. Moreover, some of them ensure the tracking food supply service in the UK.

“As patterns emerged across use cases, our teams identified new ways for Microsoft to help developers go farther, faster,” Mercuri says.

Currently, this new blockchain SDK will target three functionalities:

  1. Creating connectivity between interfaces for mobile clients- SMS and voice systems, IoT
  2. Integrating software, data, and media that live off chain- Office documents, CAD files, and video
  3. Deploy the smart contracts with blockchain business networks

Earlier in 2018, Microsoft made an announcement to pilot a blockchain digital ID platform. Basically, a platform that will allow clients to access sensitive online data via an encrypting data hub.

Microsoft’s New Blockchain Development Kit

Microsoft is continually exploring on how to use Blockchain with other technologies. They are looking to develop new structures of digital identities for improving personal privacy, safety, and control.

Moreover, there are various companies following the trend to expand the businesses and explore new technologies. Amazon, Google and IBM are already using SDKs for business blockchain. According to Mercuri,

The Azure Blockchain Development Kit will make developing end-to-end blockchain applications accessible, fast and affordable to anyone. The resulting applications will run atop a network that has higher rated cloud performance than other large-scale providers and enable federating identities between participants using Azure Active Directory.

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