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Ledger Wallet Halts Bitcoin Cash Service by November 15

The latest report states that Ledger wallet has their contingency plans ready for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork which has been scheduled for Nov 15.


France hardware wallet manufacturer, Ledger halts the BCH service on its platform to prepare for Bitcoin cash hard fork. This hard fork will take place on November 15 following by the BCH service procedure.

BCH Service Halt by Ledger Wallet

The news initially came out on October 30, during its official discussion addressing hard fork to their customer base. This discussion specifies that they will pause BCH service till the dominant chain brings back BCH services. Ledger says,

Depending on the outcome of the fork, we will communicate about our next move when we have a clearer vision of its result- Be advised that during this service disruption, your Bitcoin Cash private keys will remain secured.

In 15 days, the Bitcoin Cash network will likely experience a hard fork with consensus modifications. Currently, the issue lies in two distinct visions for the upgrade. There are two development teams that propose ultimate new BCH rule which separates the poles apart.

This might result in a potential chain splitting because of these 2 development teams

  1. Bitcoin ABC
  2. Bitcoin SV

Just before the fork, Ledger makes an announcement regarding its wallet services and bitcoin cash transactions. As they see the conflicting proposals is not getting a final consensus. Moreover, both the implementation proposal does not owe any replay protection.

It seems quite clear that these two teams might continue without the protocol addition. This conflict will not show good result. As Bitcoin cash makes the use of Unspent transaction outputs (UTXO). However, after splitting, if transactions take place, UTXO will be dependent on 2 networks. Consequently, users will experience a potential loss of funds.

What are your views about Ledger wallet’s recent announcement to pause Bitcoin Cash network? Let us know in the comments section below.

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