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Gem Launches Personalized Crypto Portfolio Tracker Management Application

Gem, a cryptocurrency startup announced a personalized crypto portfolio management application. It automatically synchronizes with 25 crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, etc.

The US crypto startup familiar as Gem recently launched a consumer-friendly crypto portfolio app. This new platform tracks down all cryptocurrency accounts within one single app. This application was initially introduced back in April.

Gem Personalized Crypto Portfolio Tracker App

Currently, it synchronizes with other huge platforms offering key metrics about users’ investments performance. The company aims to support crypto investors in maintaining their holdings more effectively and conveniently.

BitVault came into existence in 2013, which mainly focuses on blockchain and crypto enterprise products. The firms include, Capital One, Mercer, Philips, and Toyota. This company also develops a GemOS, basically, an infrastructure deploying decentralize apps and platforms. The CEO and founder at Gem, Micah Winkelspecht says,

We’re building Gem to be the destination app for the beginner and intermediate crypto user. Think Mint for crypto.

According to Micah, the procedure to discover, trade, track, and report tax relating cryptocurrencies is highly fragmenting. There are a majority of crypto apps having little user experience with intimidating and are difficult to use. Moreover, the company wants customers to feel that this app is a trusting companion in the digital economy. Additionally, the new Gem app is compatible to sync with 25 other crypto exchanges including

It consolidates individual crypto accounts to offer historical performance, real-time balances, asset holdings allocation, and an entire detail profile of every single asset part within the portfolio.

Gem Personalized Crypto Portfolio Tracker App-min

The user also has a favorites feature that provides you with details for more than 2,000 cryptos. Leveraging the new Gem app you can also follow projects that interest you the most. However, the pages give you access to every cryptocurrency’s whitepaper. Reading whitepaper you come to know about their specific crypto structure, mission, and function.

The company says that this new app is a three-dimensional tangible design approach for user-friendliness. The app is colorful, friendly design, fun, and informative. It is purposefully for educational approach appealing women investors. The team refers to a demographic for the following research. Currently, women hold 5 – 8% of the crypto population; however, represent around 23% of the user base in the portfolio app at Gem. Moreover, the chief strategy officer at Gem, Chitra Ragavan says

Between 2010 and 2020, women will have more than doubled the amount of private wealth they hold, totaling US$72 trillion. Yet, there are few financial products on the market today that meet the needs of this powerful financial constituency, especially in the crypto space.

Following the Gem portfolio tracking app release, the company is ready to gear up the next wave of consumer cryptocurrency adoption. The CEO Brian Armstrong at Coinbase believes that the roundup in a crypto ecosystem might reach 1 billion within the next 5 years.

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