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Coinone Announces CGEX- Global Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinone is officially ready to make its entry into the trending markets by launching CGEX- a global cryptocurrency exchange.


CGEX will offer an optimized trading system with numerous financial instruments. These services are specialized basically for professional cryptocurrency investors. For users with existing registration, CGEX will provide new-listing and promotional information.

Coinone launches CGEX at Malta location. It will be the crypto-crypto exchange and will start operations using a single market (BTC). It is said to expand its service once it secures more liquidity.

About Coinone and CGEX

Coinone is a Korean blockchain company entering a new financial world. They are currently leading the financial service sector via blockchain. Moreover, CGEX is a crypto global exchange which focuses to become a trustable crypto trading platform. The new crypto exchange adopts world-class server engine together with some traditional security protocols. This will offer fast, secure and specialized trading experience.

The Launch of CGEX Cryptocurrency Exchange

CGEX offer trade functions, especially for expert investors. Leveraging this feature, they will attain the policy to offer the optimum trade system. It connects partner exchanges worldwide, under the Coinone brand to recreate an order book globally. Using this strategy, they can seek trading with large volumes.

To build an advancing trade environment, CGEX owns all equipment together with Coinone Core engine solution state-of-the-art. These collaborative designs with IFunFactory. This engine solution matches more than 3 million trade contracts per second. Moreover, a financial security system is an appeal to strictly guard its customers’ assets. According to the CEO at Coinone, Kevin Cha,

Efforts is to place CGEX as a representative global exchange providing a different trading experience through utilizing Coinone Exchange’s principles as its fundamental backbone.

Additionally, prior to its official launch which is on October 29, CGEX is open for pre-registration right from October 24. Let us know what you think about this topic!

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