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Retail Company Carrefour Reveals Its Blockchain Food Tracking Platform

Carrefour France-based Retail Company is establishing a blockchain food tracking platform operating on Hyperledger within its Spanish network


According to a press release on November 20, Carrefour Company deploys a food tracking system using blockchain. This company is currently operating in more than 30 countries. IBM is the initial influencer behind food tracking solution.


The new blockchain food tracking platform track free-range chickens- “Calidad y Origen” (Quality & Origin). The main origin to raise this is the northern region at Galicia without any antibiotic treatment. Every individual package in the Spanish network will mark under a QR code possessing core details about the chicken. For example- date of birth, packing date, type of nutrition, and much more.

Carrefour Reveals Its Blockchain Food Tracking Platform

Carrefour states that blockchain is a key technology for supply chains. Moreover, it offers greater transparency and enables users to review the complete distribution process. In the coming future, Carrefour is preparing to expand the use of decentralizing technologies. Basically, they will implement them to every food from the “Calidad y Origen” sector.

The company has already done testing with blockchain tracking in case of French poultry. This was in early 2018 where Carrefour emphasizes its commitment to decentralizing solutions. There are many firms with large supply chains applying blockchain to cut costs, enhance transparency, and minimize their time on food delivery. For example-

  • Walmart is working on a farm-to-store blockchain tracking system especially for its leafy greens.
  • The world’s four leading agriculture firms- ABCD is using AI and blockchain to automate oilseed and grain post-trade execution procedure. This system previously was highly manual and expensive for the supply chain.

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