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Andrew Wong Joins Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

A millennial former equity trader, Andrew Wong leaves an investment bank job, being the youngest managing partner at cryptocurrency exchange platform.

All over the world, there are many Andrew Wongs, however, Hong Kong has only one “Wongy” relating crypto world. This nickname has been with Wong since his joining with the Australian-centric desk trading at Asia Equities.

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During Wong’s work period, he learns about the mysterious world behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Being a trader, he believes to trust his gut instincts to play a move. Leveraging the cryptocurrency bear market, Andrew Wong acknowledges the golden opportunity lying within a new evolving asset class. He decides to dive in head first after believing this is the right time.

He leaves the bank and accepts the position of youngest managing partner at International Digital Currency Markets (IDCM). IDCM is a Hong Kong digital currency platform and financial services, provider. The company operates in areas like mining, media, social, digital asset management, and research. According to Wong,

The promise of shaking things up appealed to me. The way I thought about it was akin to horse racing: I could either try to pick a horse and win, or I could take on the model of the Hong Kong Jockey Club and ride a wave which I knew was eminently evident.

Wong shares his views on the current company IDCM as

  • IDCM ranks by CoinMarketCap
  • One among the cryptocurrency market tracking website
  • The company holds a place among the 25 biggest global exchanges by volume
  • Having four million users with a daily turnover of US$82 million
  • Uses- centralized and decentralized exchanges
  • It’s liquidity pool covers around 60 countries

The millennial also discusses his passion and daily tedious task on how he manages to become one in billions. Moreover, he also has advice for ambitious millennial following him,

Getting in quickly with the correct mindset is the right and only way to go. We should be innovative and not be in it just to profit because cryptocurrencies aren’t made for just a quick buck. Now is the right time to be involved in pioneering and developing this asset class.

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