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A recognizable and loved brand is one of the most valuable assets a company owns.

Coinpedia has experience in building and growing brands, creating eye-catching logos and developing comprehensive digital marketing plans for our customers.


Market leaders today need strategic clarity and trust to make informed decisions about the future of their corporate brands. Every brand strategy begins with a deep dive to uncover key information about your business model and process.

Branding is like a journey of business self-discovery. At coinpedia Discovery sessions are conducted to gather requirements, brainstorm, gain clarity, and understand the purpose behind what you do. We define what, how, and why so that the strategic direction and identity aligns with business goals and the needs of your customer.

Branding Services

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Based on the specific and unique strengths of the company and driven by target audience analysis, the top performing brands are created from within. Some of the most experienced brand strategists in the industry put these fundamental building blocks of a B2B brand strategy in place.

Brand Research

Brand Research

The basis for everything we do is Brand Analysis. Our rigorous methodologies of study, both qualitative and quantitative, uncover the insights and data that enable great brands to be developed. Also the best brand plan has little meaning until it is executed effectively.

Brand Engagement

Brand Engagement

We work collaboratively with consumers for the long term through brand acceptance, brand launch, brand management, corporate marketing, and evaluation of performance.

 Brand identity

Brand identity

We integrate world-class design skills with brand strategy and analysis to creatively express the competition and bring it to life with a new B2B brand identity.

Our Process

Multi-signature Support


We are going to work with you to find out what is special about your brand and to appreciate your place in your market.



We will focus on messaging, core values and personality after the exploration stage to identify who the brand is and what it stands for.

Password-Access Safe


We will design everything you need to express your new-found brand identity, from logos to business swag.



We will assist you through all your digital presences to execute your newly developed brand strategy and visual identity.

Why choose Coinpedia Branding Service?

Every brand has a unique communication style that should be consistently practiced over time. We help define a brand voice for you—a style, point of view, and personality. In addition, we show you how your brand’s tone can change depending on the type of message and the audience being targeted.

We outline your general target audience demographic, then develop specific buyer personas that provide more detail about their values, lifestyle, motivations, pain points, and more. These are the exact people you want to be speaking to succinctly with all your brand communication.

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