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Blockchain Technology to Track Web Page

There are various ways of utilizing blockchain as it is favorably structured to serve a wide range of functions. Today we will focus on the application of blockchain as a web page tracker.


Blockchain has continued to be one of the most analyzed topics in the world. For those that are yet to fully grasp the functionalities of the blockchain technology, here is a quick recap.


What Is Blockchain?

The blockchain is primarily a decentralized database that is distributed across the nodes of a network. This database validates data and stores them in an encrypted form. Therefore, it is one of the safest and cost-effective ways to store data.

Blockchain came to prominence after the introduction of the first cryptocurrency “bitcoin”. And it wasn’t until a few years ago that we were able to unlock its potentials. Now, we have various state-sponsored research and projects that solely dedicate their resources to the advancement of blockchain technology.

Now that you understand the basics of the concept of the blockchain technology, let’s highlight the functionalities of blockchain-based webpage trackers.

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Real World Use Of Blockchain For Web Page Tracking

The internet is constantly expanding. Therefore, it is becoming hard to track the rate at which web pages are modified, updated or created. This has spurred the emergence of platforms that are working on incorporating blockchain to web pages trackers. The emergence of such platforms will effectively optimize the process of tracking web pages.

The application of blockchain as a web tracking tool is still in the nascent stage. However, there has been an emergence of blockchain based platforms that are utilizing blockchain to optimize digital marketing. Attrace is working on introducing a platform that tracks and monitor referrals, clicks, and leads. In addition, Adchain is using blockchain to track and verify if ad views are fake or real.

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Is It Possible For Blockchain To Track Web Pages?

Traditional web tracking platforms or tools rely on a decentralized database. Therefore, it is possible for attackers to manipulate, delete or steal collated data. As such, blockchain is very much suitable to track and collate data from web pages. This is because it can serve as an immutable and tamper-free database which will immensely increase the efficacy of web page trackers.

How Does Blockchain Track Web Pages?

The centralized nature of traditional web page trackers makes transparency difficult. However, blockchain-based web page trackers support decentralization, therefore, no single entity controls the operations of the tracking system. The activities of web pages are stored on a blockchain which creates an encrypted web page history that is immutable and not susceptible to manipulations. Unlike traditional web page trackers, the users of the platform are directly involved in the web tracking process. Therefore, the blockchain web page tracking platforms are transparent.

Blockchain For Web Page Tracking

Benefits Of Blockchain To Online Marketing And Web Designing

The digital marketing industry can immensely benefit from the blockchain technology. Some of the issues blockchain will fix in this space are data privacy, content monetization, and security. Blockchain-based digital marketing platforms can utilize smart contracts instead of tracking pixels to verify that all tracking is 100% valid. This will eliminate frauds and manipulations as well as compensate users with tokens or coins.

Also, web designers can use blockchain to track the activities of their websites. As such, they can effectively deliver the right ads to the right users.

Final Words

There seem to be plenty of ways blockchain can optimize web tracking and digital marketing. Although the incorporation of blockchain in web trackers is still in its early stage, there is still room for improvements.

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