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Cryptocurrency: Unlocking the Legal Obstacles in the USA Sportsbetting Field

Written by: Delma Wilson

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Delma Wilson

Delma is a B2B Content Marketer, Consultant, Blogger in the field of Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency. In her spare time, she loves to blog, play badminton and watch out ted talks. She likes pets and shares her free time with NGO.

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Mar 9, 2019


Cryptocurrencies have been in the news for both good and bad reasons. While lawmakers in some countries find the currency decentralized and not having a universal value, some have accepted on a regulatory basis. However, the journey has not been smooth sailing for the legal sportsbooks in the USA since they have to face several controversies regarding the acceptance of these currencies in the mainstream business. 

Legality Status of Cryptocurrency in the United States

Cryptocurrencies have sent a wave of possibilities across the gambling industry. With much of the European countries, regulatory laws allow Cryptocurrencies. Whereas the United States is portrayed as a superpower in the gambling industry, and it has several federal obligations bringing strict laws to different states. More so, UIGEA has capped the banks from processing any such transaction in the past.

With that said, time is changing thick and fast, bringing more and more relaxed with the change. Bitcoins and Ethereum are making steady progress, and cryptocurrency is set to be the future of gambling. 

How Do Cryptocurrencies Add a Benefit to the Casino or Sportsbook?

Cryptocurrencies are perhaps the safest forms of monetary values, which backs with almost an un-penetrable system of security. The logic behind Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are making the valuation of the currency equal globally and the transaction trades between the sender and receiver only.

Keeping this aside, the greatest plus points of cryptocurrency are sports betting and online gambling sites look at them as a hassle-free form of currency. Since these currencies require no conversion or deduction of any sort, they are useful while trading privately. Moreover, the transaction is instantaneous and has no transaction fees as well.

Points to Remember while Choosing Cryptocurrency

If you are a gambler from the USA and planning to splurge with cryptocurrencies across top casino sites or sportsbooks, keep a watchful eye on things that will matter a lot.

Firstly, check with the payment options. It helps in knowing the types of cryptocurrencies accepted. It means some might not accept one particular cryptocurrency form owing to legality or policy-based issues. Therefore, knowing your currency helps in the ease of payment and makes things hassle-free.

Secondly, check with the games and bonuses offered. If you are looking for one particular match, say for sports betting, check if it is available. Sporting events are the ultimate reasons why you are gambling, and if the site does not offer the sport, there is no point moving forward. Irrespective of sports betting or any other games, make sure the product is available live.

Finally, make a comparative choice among different casinos before finalizing the same. This is useful considering people should have options always open to them, irrespective of the situation. There will still be the case where betting site A offers better bonuses and takeaways than site B.

Understanding the Cryptocurrencies for Sportsbetting

Various cryptocurrencies are used across different reputed gambling sites. With each one of these having their usage in some way or the other, let us see the types of currencies available for sports betting, including 

  1. Bitcoin: Without any debate, this is the largest used cryptocurrency in the market today. Bitcoins (BTC) have one of the highest noted acceptance margins, which makes the transaction smooth among other currencies. 
  2. Litecoin: Litecoin (LTC) follows the quality comparable to that of Bitcoin, but with a lesser number of users. In terms of pricing, LTC is a lot cost-effective and is faster than Bitcoins. With time, it is expected to see LTC standing ahead of what it is today.
  3. Ethereum: One of the uprising currencies currently in the industry today, showing great promise. Many of the top-rated gambling sites are accepting the currency for good.

Summing It Up

Cryptocurrency and its legality in the USA have been a controversial topic for a long time. Legal and legislative issues have halted the progress there might have been otherwise. With this changing slowly, one can expect more changes sooner. With these points taken care of, if you are a person from the United States of America and planning to try your luck at gambling, either sports betting or casino, is a recommended face helping you make a pick among the reputed and licensed sites across the country.

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Delma Wilson

Delma is a B2B Content Marketer, Consultant, Blogger in the field of Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency. In her spare time, she loves to blog, play badminton and watch out ted talks. She likes pets and shares her free time with NGO.

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