Bitcoin is in a Congestion Zone! Will BTC Price Breach $46k or Plunge Below $40k?


Bitcoin has been falling for the second day in a row, dipping below the $46,000 mark. After falling to $44,000, Bitcoin has made a solid comeback above the $44,000 support, according to the Bitcoin price analysis. Since then, the price has maintained above the threshold but has not surpassed $46,000. 


At the time of writing, the flagship cryptocurrency was trading at $43,996. If the $46,000 threshold is not surpassed, Bitcoin and the broader market will be in the red. Despite the fact that the short-term charts appear gloomy, it is vital to remember that the broader trend in Bitcoin fundamentals and on-chain measures is solidly bullish.

Not a Bull Run?

Bitcoin, according to Brandt, is not currently in the bull market that began in February of this year, when it began surging over the previous all-time high of $20,000, as it was in February of last year. 

According to the expert trader, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency is currently in a broad congestion zone, dating back to February’s highs.

He had previously predicted that Bitcoin would crash if its market share fell below 41%. He predicted that the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency might drop by as much as 82 percent from its January 2018 high. 

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BTC hits another milestone.

In the midst of the escalating crypto craze, Bitcoin reaches another milestone with the 700,000th block. According to, an unknown miner(s) mined the 700,000th block, earning a total reward of $287,540.

Bitcoin blocks are essentially files that store data linked to the bitcoin network. The records in a block, which works as a record book, cannot be edited or withdrawn after it is written. Miners are rewarded with new bitcoin when they complete a block of such transactions or data that is put to the blockchain.

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