Analyst Predicts BTC Price to Hit $100K, With 2 Altcoins Skyrocketing!


Bitcoin reached a historic high of $57,371 in the month of February, the ascent is likely to remain as predicted by popular cryptocurrency analysts. Kaleo suggests bitcoin will hit the figure mark by April and tells his followers to “ Buy more now”. 

His predictions are on the bitcoin movements that happened back in 2017 when bitcoins price surged massively. Even though Bitcoin is not regulated, it has brought some major players into the game like tesla and micro strategy.

As far as the market sentiments are considered, companies are accepting bitcoin and Digital’s Mike Novogratz told Bloomberg that he expects Bitcoin to hit $100,000 before the year’s end.

Renowned crypto analyst Max Keiser has spoken about the future impact of bitcoin. $100k is also a long-term possibility. He made this known on Twitter recently.

In his opinion, 

“We have now the deglobalization and de-dollarization, which would be superseded by the age of individual sovereignty. And the way…is through bitcoin. If you have your keys, it’s unconsfiscateable and it’s hard money”

Another analyst makes a strong prediction that,

“the price will reach $100,000 per bitcoin no earlier than 2021 and no later than 2028. After 2028, the price will never drop below $100,000.”

Kaleo Throws light on 2 Other Altcoins!

Sushiswap is now at $30. One of the main factors behind Sushi’s impressive rally is the massive increase in trading volume the exchange has experienced in 2021. The token has been unstoppable as it follows Uniswaps’ footsteps. 

Enjin’s ENJ had made quite a headline after its involvement with Non-Fungible token, giving it an upward trend. Kaleo sees potential in the token predicting the price of ENJ could remain in an accumulation zone around $0.7 to $0.8 for a couple of days before moving up to surpass $1.

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