Bitcoin Price Below $60k Might Be a Great Accumulation Phase!


    Bitcoin price despite a massive pullback is expected to rally to smash the set target shortly

    Huge outflows from the Coinbase exchange indicates the institutions accumulating and holding BTC without selling

Bitcoin broke out of a two-week tight range over the weekend, rising above $60,000 and approaching record highs.On Saturday, the world’s largest and most well-known cryptocurrency reached $61,222.22, its highest level in nearly a month.

BTC support has been set at $59,000 by trader Josh Rager. If it can hold this amount, it may be able to retest the $60,600 region. By Wednesday, the trader expects “fresh highs.”

Bitcoin Price soared massively this year due to institutions like BNY Mellon, BlackRock Inc, Mastercard Inc, and other financial institutions backed cryptocurrencies, while Tesla Inc, Square Inc, and MicroStrategy Inc invested in bitcoin. Large U.S. banks, such as Morgan Stanley, are now attempting to provide bitcoin funds to their wealth management clients. But its previous 2017 bull run was not institutionally driven.

However, on this metric, the percentage of retail investors has trended downwards, as the following graph demonstrates. The trader Byzantine General said that,

Last bull run we were talking about institutions coming, but now they’re actually here, and they’re buying.

Bitcoin Price

Coinbase to Roll out IPO on April 14:

While Coinbase is set to go public via direct listing on April 14, Many view it as a substantial milestone for the cryptocurrency space.

Coinbase being the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, provides a variety of goods and services, including trading, custody, and a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. It is used by 43 million people in over 100 countries.

The trader said that, 

That doesn’t mean there won’t be any corrections anymore. Of course not, I mean we’ve seen three massive (liquidations) corrections this year alone. But, this bull run could be different. Maybe the 4 year cycle structure that we’re used to from bitcoin could break.

The percentages of BTC traded over 1 trillion dollars in market capitalization and the volume of BTC on exchanges are two other important indicators. According to analyst William Clemente, the former is valued at 11% as BTC trades above $53,000, indicating that the current price has been validated.

balance on exchanges

On the latter, there is a connection between miners and long-term holders holding their BTC and the trading platform’s increased supply outflow. Clemente added:

In combination with exchange withdrawals, supply is becoming increasingly illiquid. This means the new wave of institutional demand (just beginning) must compete for the mere 2.3M coins left on exchanges.

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