Bitcoin Price Rally Target Elevated To $200K, Yet $10K Still On The Horizon!!


    Bitcoin price rally could get intensified soon after the asset forms a new ATH probably above $70,000

    The upcoming rally may elevate its aim to $200K, yet the bear market could drag the price too as low as $40K

    The roller coaster ride of the rally may even bottom hard the price too as low as $20K or $10K also

After registering the highest ever weekly close above $60K, yet Bitcoin sustains firmly above the levels. Despite minor fluctuations towards the south, yet the asset regained positions above $62K comfortably. Therefore the speculations of a new ATH for BTC price somewhere around $70K appears to be imminent. 


Many speculations have outspread in the crypto space and the most familiar one is the $100K by 2021. No doubt the asset may reach the target during the speculated time frame, yet the bear market could haunt the rally later. One of the popular crypto analysts, CryptoBirb, envisages the Bitcoin price rally 2022. 

The analyst provides the direction of the price movements for the upcoming year, 2022. As per him, the BTC price could hit $200K as the institutions and retailers may FOMO hard. However, after the assets achieve the highest ever levels, the bear market would drag the price too as low as $10K to $20K. 

However, the bear market is been looked upon, not before Q2 or Q3 of 2022 and till then the crypto space may witness immense adoption. As many more tech giants may add crypto payments which could give the required boosts. However, as the most dominant crypto settles down a little, a huge altseason could follow. 

Currently, the Bitcoin price is hovering around $62,145, with a market cap heading strongly towards $1.2 trillion. The asset is expected to smash new highs at $70K by tomorrow as predicted by an analyst, Inmortal. And moreover, according to another analyst, Zoran Kole, a certified crypto analyst, the BTC price could hit $72,727 in the next 97 hours.

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