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According To A Popular Analyst, This Is When The Bull Market Will End!


With evolving crypto space, millions are showing interest in Crypto investments. Crypto space is filled with wholesome uncertainty and extreme volatility. An hence a proper entry and exit should be the top priority. But when should one get in and get out needs to be answered. So, this popular analyst came up with a series of tweets. To educate people on when they could sell crypto to gain maximum!


Top crypto analyst Lark Davis recently shared his view on Bull market cycles. In his tweet on September 3rd, he indicated with the BTC historical graph that the bull market usually ends from December to March. With this, he is trying to educate people to sell assets as soon as bears start to take over. And to wait until the price drops to a low peak for the next buy.


The following graph hints that every bull run so far finished above the red line. Therefore, the best time to sell is, once the price enters the region above the red line. Particularly within 3 to 4 weeks after crossing over. 

In his tweets, lark gave a picture about irrational price fluctuations. According to him, in the future, the bear market won’t last for a longer period. Because he believes in evolving digital space. As Defi is booming, Gaming and NFTs are new sensations. And moreover, a large part of institutional money is here. So, he concludes by saying be smart enough to buy and sell keeping in mind the analysis.

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Bitcoin: The Most Profitable Asset Over the Decade!

Bitcoin, an asset that started with zero price. After going through hell out of market fluctuations it has high returns. The total ROI over the past 10 years is +572,917%. Still, the currency continued its monopoly in the crypto space. 

Currently, BTC price has smashed the $50,000 mark yet again and if it sustains above these levels, a notable uptrend could reignite. If it fails to hold on, the $46,500 support line remains valid. And now the price once again retesting the major resistance zone of $51k. Despite a slight pullback, yet the Bitcoin price could head towards the target currently at its ATH.


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