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Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    You have the perfect business idea, you have the most effective business plan, and you know exactly when to make a move, what is next? Yes, you need to acquire funds to jump-start your business and boost its performance. Well, as per the studies, one of the biggest reasons why businesses fail is due to their inability to get loans or attract investors. If you want your business to work, you need to establish a reliable and authentic source of capital. Which can help you maintain working capital and help you run your business without any interruptions 

    So, how do you do acquire adequate loans for your business? The first option for people thinking of starting a business is to go to a traditional bank and get a loan. It is the safest way to acquire loans, but it can take a considerable amount of time. Moreover, the bank does not usually grant loans to small businesses or the ones that do not show the potential. Banks also look at the credit history of a borrower, and the chances of approval are very low. Even though traditional loans are safe and reliable, they are not always the perfect option for you. 


    If you are looking for a fast business funding option for your startup, you might want to look beyond traditional loans and consider the other available options. Traditional loans take too much time, and their approval is not always guaranteed. 

    Crowdfunding campaigns

    Crowdfunding is a financing option for businesses where entrepreneurs put their ideas in front of hundreds and millions of registered users. They evaluate the business idea and decide whether they would want to invest in the business or not. It is a kind of business funding that acquires investment from hundreds of people. Unlike traditional forms of business funding, you do not receive the entire capital from one entity.

    Moreover, after setting up a business using this money, you have to return all users their share along with a part of the profit. Several business ideas were first introduced on crowd finding platforms and are now million-dollar companies. Oculus VR by Palmer Luckey, Popsocket by David Barnett, Allbirds by Tim Brown and Joseph Zwillinger, and. Brooklinen by Rich and Dave are some of the crowdfunded businesses that have become international powers in the corporate sector. The most popular crowdfunding platforms include Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and Prosper. 

    All you have to do is create an enticing description of your idea, upload a picture or video of your idea, and set a deadline. If your idea receives attention and attracts enough investment, you can start setting up your business. If in unfortunate circumstances, your idea does not acquire an adequate amount, the money will go back to the investors. 

    Business Lines of Credit

    When it comes to acquiring funding for businesses, business lines of credit is another smart option to fulfill short-term financial needs. It is a type of funding that you can use when you have set your business up and are looking for expansion opportunities. Business lines of credit help businesses maintain working capital. It is the amount of money that many business owners keep as a backup. Every business has to experience highs and lows. And a working capital provides security that the regular operations will take place without interruptions if a business enters into an unstable phase. The best feature of business lines is that it offers business owners flexibility which is not something that traditional business loans offer. 

    These loans allow you to borrow money, within the maximum limit, at any time. There is a maximum capacity within which you can borrow money, and the monthly payments do not begin until the money is in use. The amount you borrow is at which you will have to pay the interest rates. Moreover, you return only the amount that you used. Unlike a traditional loan, you do not have to pay back something you did not use, which comes as a relief for many business owners. 


    In the list of the fastest ways to acquire funding for a business, bootstrapping is a great choice. What is bootstrapping? Well, it is the concept of starting a business without money. Thinking how is that possible? Yes, bootstrapping is possible as you invest in your business from the revenue you generate. It is a situation where you do not need venture capital firms. It is the fastest way to start as you do not have to wait for a lender to approve your loan or check your credit history. You invest everything you have to set business, and when your business generates revenue, you reinvest into the business. It requires hard work and determination, but it can significantly reduce your business’ reliance on third-party lenders. Moreover, you do not have to share the profits your business generates with other parties something that you have to do in case of crowdfunding. 

    A company that uses bootstrapping to establish itself as a stable entity in the market has to follow a stage-by-stage approach. You use your savings or ask your friends and family to assist you with the setup. Once the business begins to function and generate revenue, you use this revenue and pump it back into your business. After repeating these stages for a while, your business will finally begin to generate revenue greater than the money you put it. It is a smart way if you do not want any third-party sharing the profit of a business you set up through your hard work and genius mind. 

    Finding an Angel Investor

    Another option that you have to give your business a boost is through an angel investor. It is a fast way to get funding for your business. Whether you get funding or not depends upon the proposal you design. An angel investor is an individual with an annual income of more than $200,000 or a net worth higher than $1 million. These individuals will only invest in your idea if you can catch their attention and impress them with your business idea. Therefore, if you want to find an angel investor, you need to focus on portraying your idea most impressively. You need to show an investor that your business holds potential in the market with its unique selling points.


    These are the fastest ways you can acquire adequate fundings for your business. Many businesses indeed fail due to lack of money, but yours should not be the one. If you play it smartly, you will not only acquire the right amounts of the fund, but you will also establish yourself as a strong entity in the market. You can choose any methods from banks because these help you gather capital in a short time. Moreover, the flexibility to repay the amounts can bring peace of mind. While you are working hard to bring your business to stable ground. You need to make your moves wisely and choose a funding option that suits your requirements perfectly. 

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