Will XRP Price hit $2 First or ADA Price Will Achieve the Milestone?


    XRP and ADA both showcased a strong tendency to smash $2 very soon

    Cardano price has spiked 20x from the bottom whereas XRP price has done 80x

    Despite the accelerated rally, Cardano has a long way to go to surpass XRP in terms of market cap


Will Smart Contracts Propel ADA Price?

XRP price and Cardano price spiked with a huge margin and smashed their respective ATH at $1.97 and $1.56. However, both the assets experienced a slight pullback draining out more than 14% from the yearly highs. 

XRP/BTC pair at the press time is on the verge to test a crucial level. Once the price breaks these levels then the XRP/USD pair is likely to smash new ATH very soon. The price showcasing a hyperbolic move appreciating from $0.63 to very close to $2, met a blockade in recent times. And resulted in a drastic 20% drop in the price. 

On the other hand, cardano price experienced an exhaustion of bid orders and hit the base of an ascending triangle at $1.34. Therefore, shattering the upper resistance level at $1.48 may lead to formation of a new ATH very soon. Yet the Cardano ecosystem is all set to roll out smart contracts which may accelerate the bull run to new highs. 

However, the Ripple-SEC lawsuit that fueled the XRP price is expected to hit the milestone at $2 soon. And ADA price is all set to propel and heading strongly towards the target at $2 very soon.

DOGE Price Strongly Heads Towards $1

The Dogecoin price rallied nearly 100% to surpass the milestone at $0.1. Began as a meme coin, DOGE price appears poised to record new highs in the coming days. Despite a slight pull back, the price failed to breakdown below $0.13, indicating the resumption of an uptrend. However, according to an analyst, the price could rally as high as $0.2 soon!

Considering the previous bull run of DOGE, the price follows a gigantic price movement towards the north. No doubt the rally includes a slight correction, yet the lower support levels are always maintained and not broken down. 

Collectively, the Cardano price and XRP price are poised to hit $2 soon, but who will be the winner of the race is the interesting part of the rally. However, ADA prices may get a bigger push with the launch of smart contracts. And XRP may witness an accelerated rally as the Ripple-SEC case gets settled. 

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