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Popular Analyst Sheds Light on Two Undervalued Altcoins

Popular crypto analyst and trader Michael van De Poppe, shares about two altcoins that are presently undervalued in the market, amidst the surge of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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In a recent tweet, he tells his followers to keep DIA on the radar, It is an open-source data and oracle platform, currently at #378 market cap rank, trading at $2.09.

He says, DIA is heavily undervalued, and he’s been noticing the green levels from a technical perspective and it will mostly continue to accumulate.

The next coin on his radar is Litecoin(LTC), he thinks it has a lot of potentials to grow before it comes to par with Bitcoins yearly growth. Although he’s been waiting for the altcoin to break out of the downtrend.

“It is still in a downtrend, and I want to see higher timeframe levels to flip for support in order to become bullish for this one…If it happens, you are going to see a bullish continuation towards this next region of resistance (0.005) as that is a higher low and a bullish support resistance flip and that could trigger such a big move towards these highs here (0.011). So definitely am watching Litecoin at this stage.”  Van De Poppe said.

Bitcoin and Ethereum

The largest crypto Bitcoin has to hold on to its current levels to ascend further, if it happens so, it could rise to the $68K mark. However, it could also face a bearish divergence. Says the analyst.

“..all debatable, but that’s currently hanging on the fact whether we hold this level around 58000…if it’s a failed breakout then we are going to break back into this range construction at $54000”. He further said.

As for Ethereum, it has been trying to surge above it’s all-time high of $2029, and is persistent to turn its resistance into support.

He further explains,

“Overall, the construction is still fine, as long as this level around $1,700 remains support… Everything is fine and the price could continue running, but if we get a bounce towards $1,850 and have weakness and test the support again we might be going for further consolidation in this entire construction…”  

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