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Popular Analyst Curates Top 5 Low-Priced Tokens on Binance

Crypto trader and Youtuber Lark Davis, In a new video lists low-priced gems that have high potential but are under the radar.

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First up on the list is Polygon(MATIC). It is arguably the best layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum. Davis considers this undervalued despite having a 1.8B market cap because it has a greater potential that the market is not exposed to yet.

The platform has recently integrated with some huge Defi protocols, like Aave, Decentraland, and Pool. It has a bigger ecosystem than other high market cap ghost protocols, as it provides the service of top Ethereum applications for a fraction of a penny.

The analyst predicts a 10X rise in the bull run.

“I can still see polygon doing a 10X from the current price during this bull run but remember it’s a bigger cap coin so don’t expect that to happen overnight, this is a longer-term play here.”

Injective Protocol

His next pick is Injective Protocol, a Dex and derivatives platform based on Cosmos. It is currently in a testnet phase and is lined up for a mainnet launch very soon. The use-cases of the protocol go beyond just crypto markets. and the amazing thing is it uses layer 2 technology enabling zero gas fee trades.

The results of the testnet phase have been good so far, and people can already even stake coins and earn income. The trader believes it has a good market for a pre mainnet coin and they have been performing well with luring more people’s interest into their functioning.


The third best pick is Marlin, a high-performance layer zero blockchain and enabler of infrastructure for Defi. 

It allows for all the blockchains on the network to improve their performance, by fueling them with improved throughput, better storage capacity, and more efficient gas.

It has bagged great integrations with Siri Network, Injective protocol, Anchor, and Staffy. 

And is believed to have the potential to outperform in the near future.


Moving further, he mentions Cava, a lending and borrowing platform, which provides service for a cheap fee and high speed. It also offers high earn rates on Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, and XRP.

The developments in the pipeline include are its automated market maker product which is a liquidity protocol and the development of Robo Advisor. Its partnerships are with the giant Binance and Kraken.

Open Sea

The last and unconventional pick is Open Sea, which is a decentralized aggregator that works across decentralized and centralized exchange services. The interesting thing is it is still in the phase of its token sale.

The stand-out fact of the project is that it is backed by Binance, the largest Dex. and has many integrations planned for blockchains and applications.

“It is not a white paper in a dream kind of crypto they already have a working product you can go play with now… they are already showing that they can give the best results with the lowest fees… basically making a one-stop-shop for traders…”

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