SXP, KNC, and LTC Are Great Buying Opportunities Now, Says Analyst


Michael van de Poppe is back with his analysis on the Three crypto assets which might be deal breakers. 



The SXP/BTC trading pair is following an ascending support line. Also, it is trading just below the 6250 satoshi resistance area.  But compared to bitcoin value it is still down by 87% of the current value and it can still soar high as there is a lot of space to move upwards again. 

Provided the fact that Swipe is at the 6,500 satoshi level (0.000065) for the fourth time in a row, it’s very likely that we’re going to make that break to the upside and run towards 10,000 satoshis (0.0001). The next resistance region might be found near 10,000 satoshis. Once we get above 10,000 Satoshis flip the previous 6,500 level for support we can accelerate towards the second breaker that is 16000 Satoshi.


The next token on Van de Poppe’s list is Kyber Network (KNC/BTC), which he says is following the path of Swipe against Bitcoin.

We are dealing with resistance at this 5,400 satoshis level (0.000054) and we’re seeking out a few moderate consolidation earlier than continuation. As long as it remains above this region here, the whole thing is fine. If we’re breaking the 5,400 level, we’re searching at 8,300 (0.000083) as the subsequent resistance sector and maximum probably to look at 11,500 (0.000115)

KNC has surged 288.69% since the year began.


Litecoin (LTC), charts have highlighted that it’s still descending due to bitcoin’s stability but he observes a key level for the ninth-largest crypto asset.

So 3,900 [satoshis] has to flip for Litecoin and at some point, these other coins will start to make their moves right now: EOS, Litecoin, XLM, XRP, NEO, all those altcoins are still waiting for their momentum… I’m looking for that flip of 3,900 satoshis (0.000039) for Litecoin on the Bitcoin pair quite similar to all of those other projects as well.”

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