Altcoins (SPI), Origin Protocol (OGN), Cardano(ADA), Poised to Explode!


Crypto trader and analyst Sheldon Evans, in a new video, forecasts tokens that will explode in the April altcoin hype cycle.


He tells his 538K subscribers that March has historically been a bad month for cryptocurrencies, followed by a bullish phase in April for Bitcoin and all other altcoins too. 

Therefore, the analyst sheds light on some of the altcoins that will surge high this altcoin cycle.

First up on the list is (SPI). It has been getting listed on various exchanges lately, this will expose it to more users in turn increasing its inflows. It has been reaching new all-time highs and the e-commerce industry has more room to grow.

“Firstly I can use crypto pay for these items and secondly I get a huge discount by paying with cryptocurrency up to 12%, You can now use SPI token to purchase on the SPI platform.”

The 2nd pick is the open-source platform Origin Protocol (OGN). It has been listed on Dex platform and is already on Binance, it has seen a 48.2% surge in the last 7 days.

He is bullish on this because it falls in the E-Commerce niche, as there is a lot of money in the industry it is rational for it to flow in here too.

3rd on the list is, the fourth largest crypto Cardano(ADA). He says it has been doing great work in Africa, giving a large base of users exposure to Defi and expanding the usage of cryptocurrencies. He also notes that Hoskinson has been talking about venturing into the NFT market, and the fact that it is cheaper than Ethereum will help the price spike.

DEX’s to watch out

Moving further, the next pick is Trustswap. It has had some bullish moves too with 2 launchpads and 4 flash launches in April. They also have an NFT marketplace called Swappable. He believes these launchpads will make massive gains in the future. 

It has surged 4 fold in a month going from $1 to currently trading at $4.69.

His final pick is Uniswap V3. It is now preventing itself from getting copied, by creating a 3-year license that will stop people from copying their code. He says this platform will provide a safe space for liquidity providers. And also the animations for the launch of V3 are amazing. Hence this could be a good bet for the next cycle.

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