Is $1 Achievable for SHIB Price? Will SHIBA INU follow DOGECOIN to the Moon?

Many promoting Shiba often tends to say, if you have missed the XRP rally or DOGE rally, be a part of the SHIB rally. Yet many still wonder whether Shiba will surge further or else get rugged pulled in coming days.

Currently both the crypto assets are witnessing a steep fall and attempting hard to recover. While SHIB price is very negligible, it is very hard to say whether the rally will be influenced by DOGE. Yet many analysts believe the future of the investments on SHIB are currently very misty. As one cannot say where the price may stand in the next 3 to 4 months. 

The price of SHIB is currently seeing little fluctuation, with the price hovering at $0.00000700 for the past day. For the past five days, Shiba Inu hasn’t traded above $0.0000100. Shiba Inu is now trading in a $0.00000974 to $0.00000693 no-trade zone. A breakthrough any of the borders indicates a rise in volatility and the possibility of a violent move. 

SHIB price might surge 20% to $0.0000117, the top boundary of the supply zone. Shiba Inu is projected to increase another 20% to test the resistance level of $0.0000144 if the purchasing push continues. 

If the dog-themed cryptocurrency, on the other hand, closes convincingly below $0.00000693, it will mark the start of a downtrend. After the SHIB price has sliced through the support level at $0.00000654, however, this will be confirmed. In such an event, the Shiba Inu price might fall 36% to $0.00000420, the support level.

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