Shib Army Is Rocketing to Mars! SHIB Price May Go 10x From Here!


Shiba Inu is the talk of the town. The meme coin has been running an unprecedented rally on the charts. SHIB Price is leveling up each hour, as of press time. And is conquering newer ATH’s at an exponentially faster pace. 


The coin is up by a staggering 96786349.6% since its all-time-low, 11-months ago. It is vital to mention that SHIB’s alliance with the aerospace firm could make it an interplanetary currency for colonization.

Shiba Inu Alliance With Nexus Aurora Could Take It to Mars!

SHIB announces new sponsorship with Nexus Aurora, under their alliance. The aerospace team is developing a rover to explore Mars. The alliance aims to foster a better apprehension of how cryptocurrency can create an impact in tech. The aerospace firm has partnered with Shiba Inu to empower crypto in the further development of humanities in space.

Reports suggest that Shytoshi Kusama has made donations of a massive 0.4 billion SHIB. Which equivalents to 414,898,000 SHIB to be precise. The sponsorship will further boost the firm’s input towards its space program.

SSAM Rover Sponsorship

The pact seeks 20,000,000 SHIB. And a prominent display of the logo on the SSAM rover prototype would be present. Which will be deployed in the Mars Society test site in Utah. Nexus Aurora further mentions that it holds the potential to hold 1,000,000 SHIB. In wallet for deployment to Mars, as first global planetary currency. 

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Nexus Aurora X SHIBA SWAP

The firm seeks 350,000,000 SHIB. The sponsorship includes branding on the future swarm of rovers. The one-year joint operations approximate 350,000,000. With the potential of two open-source collaborative groups working to hit the space.

The aerospace firm enlightens its aim to have Shiba token not only as sponsors. But also to have Nexus Aurora hold and use SHIB to fund the prototyping and development of projects. And further, explore the use of crypto as a currency for interplanetary colonization.

Summing up, SHIB has almost done more trading volume than Solana, Cardano, Dogecoin, and XRP combined. On the other hand, several exchanges are looking forward to promoting SHIB across public platforms. 

While critics believe the market to have gone bizarro of sorts. The market cap of SHIB has surpassed giants such as Nissan, Suzuki Motor, L.G Electronics, amongst others. From the current momentum, we can expect SHIB price to hit its new ATH of around $0.00006. 

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