Top 3 Privacy Centric Coins Heading Towards a Bullish Start

In a recent YouTube video Ben Armstrong teams up with popular analyst Crypto rich to shed some knowledge on top privacy coins in the crypto market. 

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Ben Armstrong who goes by the name BitBoy Crypto tends to discuss the 3 underrated and lesser known altcoins who might have the potential to run the crypto industry.

Ether-1 (ETHO) whose motto is #DecentralizeEverything is a project that allows its users to earn passive income. Here people can host their websites on the Ether-1 network and earn passive income doing so as well as provide bandwidth to the network by running nodes. 

The thing that I like about it is its commitment to freedom of expression. You can’t take websites down that have been hosted on Ether-1.

Ether-1s current market cap is at $2.7 million with it’s price at $0.04087871.

Decentralized virtual private network (dVPN) project Sentinel (SENT) occurs to be next up in their line.

It operates on the Ethereum platform and it is resourceful to secure data exchange between people and applications – Legacy, Enterprise Apps, Mobile Apps. 

Sentinel.Co – they have a decentralized VPN so most VPNs, like the big names, they’re centralized. They have their services in particular locations, so they could either be regulatory captured or physically captured by intelligence services. Plus, they’re closed source so we don’t know what’s going on… because [Sentinel is] decentralized there’s no single point of failure.

The Sentinel price today is $0.020285 and market cap around $37 million.

Rounding off their top three picks with the number one privacy project PirateChain (ARRR). It uses decentralised blockchain offering anonymous transactions & financial privacy for all the holders. It is a new contender for Top privacy coin. Pirate Chain price today is $0.322227.

Once [a transaction] goes to your wallet, nobody knows how much is in your wallet, whether you sent any out, to where to who you send me ARRR coins nobody else will know. There’s no data on the blockchain to analyze, nothing.

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