Popular Analyst Charts Next Levels for BTC, ETH and 4 other Altcoins



The crypto market is making progress as Bitcoin is eyeing to hit $46K. Most top altcoins are also printing satisfactory gains. As the market reals, popular crypto analyst Micheal Van De Poppe has analyzed price action for leading tokens and 4 other altcoins.


According to Van de Poppe, the leading cryptocurrency is attempting to convert $45,000 into strong support. As Bitcoin approaches the $47,000-$49,000 resistance zone, the expert says he will not be taking any trades.

If Bitcoin continues to rise towards the resistance area this weekend, Van de Poppe believes it will most likely be a fakeout. However, he believes that if BTC goes on a run during the week, it could be on the verge of a true resurgence.


He says, Ethereum (ETH) is also encountering resistance at roughly $3,270. At $3,160, Van de Poppe thinks he could consider a quick trade.

According to Van de Poppe, ETH could break past the resistance area, but it will depend on how Bitcoin performs at the moment.


Van de Poppe says he isn’t interested in LUNA at the moment, but if the price drops to $15 or even $11.50, he may reconsider.

LUNA’s next price target, according to the analyst, is $19.32. LUNA has to hold the $16.35 support level in order to signify that the rally would continue.


Van de Poppe says he’s not interested in longing RVN in its Bitcoin pair (RVN/BTC) right now, but that if it retests support at 0.00000234 BTC or 0.00000261 BTC ($0.11 or $0.12 at the time of writing), he’ll consider it.


He predicts that scalable blockchain Cosmos (ATOM) will retest support around $12.772 this month, then fly back up to $17 in September before reclaiming the $20 level by November.


The fourth altcoin Van de Poppe highlights is Wootrade Network (WOO), a decentralised trading network that is currently trading at $0.867 level.

Woo, according to Van de Poppe, is up against resistance at $0.91. If WOO falls to $0.71 or $0.55, the analyst may contemplate a trade.

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