Polygon Network Outperformed all its peers! MATIC Token Primed Enter Top 10

Polygon Network is gaining more and more users every day. The platform is on a roll right now and is one of the top gainers in the cryptocurrency market since the crash last week. It’s also one of the most preferred scaling solutions for the Ethereum network, which is having a hard time keeping gas fees low.

MATIC with a price of $0.019 and a market worth of $96.12 million, was ranked 113th at the start of 2021. It has risen more than 11,200% since then, reaching a peak of $2.45 and a market cap of $15.08 billion, putting it in 13th place.

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and an avid crypto investor, is announcing his latest digital currency investment. The entrepreneur now owns MATIC tokens. The amount of the investment is unknown, but Cuban has long been a supporter of Polygon, claiming that he is “using it more and more.”

Polygon seems to be a game-changer that is being won by Polygon Crypto. It is an alternative worth examining, especially in the aftermath of the crypto crisis and its continuous rise in usage. The Platform gained 75000 new users on May 17th and is continuously increasing. This is a strong indication of its vast user appeal, which could prove fruitful in the long run.

Also recently, the Ethereum layer-2 solution has published the first version of its network, allowing developers to use the Ethereum Virtual Machine to deploy ETH-compatible chains. Polygon SDK is the first step towards Ethereum’s transformation into a multi-chain ecosystem.

With the release of the Polygon SDK network, and a significant investment from the Dallas Maverick owner, polygon has officially stepped its foot in the crypto race to the top.

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