MOVR All Set TO Give A Tough Fight To FTM & AVAX, Who Will Succeed?


Avalanche the De-Fi protocol, has been stealing the limelight for quite some time now. The protocol’s native token AVAX has been surging higher on the index. This might be an influence of the recent announcements of the release of Alpha Homora V2. Which aims at bringing the next generation of De-Fi products to the fastest smart contracts platform. And growing adoption in the De-Fi space.


AVAX Price at press time is trading at $66.72 with positive gains of 2.3%. The market cap of the coin is $14,539,130,025. While the trading volume for round-the-clock floats around $1,137,857,465. The platform has seen one of the biggest liquidity programs in the industry, at $180.

Moonriver Will Launch the Biggest Liquidity Program in the Space?

The Moonbeam foundation announces that they have allocated 8% of the total genesis supply of GLMR. And 10% of the total genesis supply of MOVR to incentivize liquidity programs on Moonbeam and Moonriver. The allocation to liquidity programs will help effectively and competitively bootstrap activity in the ecosystem of Moonbeam and Moonriver. 

The new 10% allocation (1,000,000 MOVR) from liquidity programs will be powered by the community initiatives and parachain slot reserve fund. The liquidity program is the biggest liquidity program, compared to two of the biggest liquidity programs, $180M for AVAX, and $314M for FTM.

Moonriver at press time is trading at $381.83 with gains for round the clock at 5.3%. While the market cap of the coin is at $777,697,135. The trading volume for the last 24-hours hovers around $50,825,717. And the total supply of the coin is 10,132,208. Netizens are anticipating a massive rally of MOVR, this alt season.

Fantom Is in the Game!

Fantom is one of the higher-performing altcoins. The coin at press time is trading at $2.56 with gains of 9.9%. The market cap of FTM is at $6,505,756,272, while the trading volume for the last 24-hours is at $989,113,685. The coin hit its ATH of $2.66, a couple of hours before press time.

The aforementioned coins hold immense potential in the industry. The three coins are in a competitive race. With time-unfolding, we can witness the ideal platform among the three in the space. The movement of these altcoins is encouraging investors and traders to look away from programmed purchases.

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