Polygon (MATIC) Price Stands Strong Above $1, How High Will It Rally?

Polygon(MATIC) price in recent times underwent a mammoth rally in recent times surging from below 10 cents to more than a dollar. As the partnerships and exchange listing enhanced, the price rose high, on the verge to hit, $2 yet failed. 

The recent correction of the entire crypto space due to the announcement rolled out by Elon Musk, slashed the price of most of the assets. Yet the matic price remained above $1 despite a slight plunge below the levels. 

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However, the price may rally hard to reach next levels, probably close to the next milestone around $2. According to a popular analyst Altcoin Sherpa, during Q2 and Q3 many big things may be on the way. 

Polygon price bounced back from the lower levels at $0.9 a couple of times, showcasing a probable uptrend incoming soon. Moreover, eliminating a drastic plunge with a decent amount of trading volume aids the substance. 

The Matic price is required to rally hard to hit the resistance levels at $1.22 which is the ATH to keep the bullish trend intact. As the support levels are at $0.9 which was rejected a couple of times, the probability of the price to surge high is more. 

Collectively, polygon price appears poised as the community is pretty strong. The RSI and MACD points out towards a enhanced bull run which may escort the price to new highs.

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