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Linkpool, MIST, and POKTNetwork Are Set to Explode Soon! Says Analyst

Linkpool, MIST, and POKTNetwork Massive Surge Ahead

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Well-known trader and Crypto Influencer, Tyler Swope AKA ChicoCrypto, in a new video, brings to the forefront 3 mostly unknown altcoins that are set to explode.


His first pick is the Etheruem based protocol Linkpool(LPL). Which has listed and started trading recently with a price still in the ‘discovery phase. Linkpool is the service’s main “node provider” and its team was responsible for the creation of Chainlink Markets and Explorer for Nodes. The nodes of Linkpool can be staked by users.

The native token LPA and the allowance token  LPLA are used in the protocol. The latter can be earned by staking. Last Friday, the second version of Linkpool’s staking platform was revealed, enabling LPL tokens to be staked to receive rewards on the ERC 20 tokens. 

“I’m ready to earn my LINK staking rewards before Chainlink staking delegation is live…They get LPLA tokens, Linkpool allowance tokens when you stake LPL to a pool.


Next up on the list is MIST. A highly unknown altcoin that focuses on NFT. Although, has not been listed on CoinGecko yet. The platform will issue limited-edition tokens called Crucibles. Also since the interaction is currently only available through a command line, it needs technological expertise from the user, but there is a pending proposal to make it simpler to mint these NFT’s.


The last altcoin pick is POKTNetwork. Which was found by MIST’s anonymous creator “Stephane”. It is based on “decentralized infrastructure” to construct applications and is designed to split transactions on Etheruem into inclusion and priority. 

The founder Stephane explains the protocol as,

“inclusion transactions care about censorship resistance. Priority transactions care about the position. POKTNetwork is a middleware for the mempool which guarantees censorship resistance. Flashbots is a middleware for the mempool which guarantees priority positions.”

Tyler Swope’s picks from the deep dive into Rabbithole look promising and worthy of keeping on the radar.

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