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LINK & DOT Price- Most Undervalued Tokens, What Should Be They Priced At?


    Chainlink price after forecasting a remarkable rally above $50, dumped hard more than 60%, yet with a notable rebound, LINK price manifests the tendency to flip major crypto assets

    Polkadot since the beginning of the year 2021 is said to have performed more ethereum and now when use cases for DOT and KSM arrive, a notable trend reversal may be imminent

Polkadot and Chainlink are such assets in the crypto space that carry strong fundamentals. With multiple collaborations, the blockchain manifests a well-built platform to support many other projects. Kusama is among the assets on the DOT platform which is performing well. Yet the DOT price and LINK price is said to be undervalued compared to the other assets like Ethereum

Polkadot, Solana & Cardano, all are among the toughest competitors for Ethereum blockchain. Yet all remain highly undervalued than ETH price which itself is considered undervalued than Bitcoin. On the other hand, LINK price despite a steep drop from above $50 to as low as $13, yet appears to undergo a strong recovery. 

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LINK price bounced more than 80% from the monthly lows and DOT price nearly 91%. Whereas BTC price and ETH price rallied in between 45% to 50%. The price movement also nullifies extreme pumps and dumps, unlike Bitcoin, showcasing a steady approach. And hence considering the strong recovery and other fundamentals, one can say, both assets are highly undervalued. 

The LINK & DOT price despite multiple corrections yet remained along the ascending trend line. And despite the ATH being very much distinct, the assets could rally with a stronger momentum than the major assets. However, Chainlink price and Polkadot price, both appear to follow a step by step uptrend that could eliminate steep freefalls in the coming days. 

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