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ICON Token Uptrend! ICX Price Will Surge 4270% Shortly, Says Crypto Strategist

Famous Crypto influencer, known as Dave the Wave in the market, has forecasted a massive uptrend for the abandoned altcoin ICON (ICX).

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The analyst took to Twitter and told his 48700 followers that the token is in the state to erupt into a bullish phase and reach a new all-time high.

ICON creates a large network formed of individual networks that are powered by cryptocurrencies. Blockchain’s that participate in ICON can exchange currencies using the platform’s DEX. Users can write codes and perform smart contracts on the platform too.

The track record in the past has been pretty bad after it plunged from $13.16 in January 2018 to $0.1(all-time low) In January.

A Parabolic Ascent to happen soon? 

Dave’s chart suggests that the price will break out into a parabolic ascent, with a huge chance of price skyrocketing to $100.5. It is currently trading at $2.30, if this happens it will be a 4270% massive surge.

The trader also has an unpopular take on trading the USD pair instead of making gains in Bitcoin.  This is not the usual traders who aim at maximizing their gains choose for.

“[BTC pair is] way more volatile against USD, which is what the trader is looking for. Plus, you are realizing profits (taking them off the table into real assets) by trading against USD not BTC. BTC/ Just sit on a core. Many that bought into the logic of alt/ BTC pairs have missed big moves/ profits against USD.”

The strategist is known to have made accurate predictions before, one of which is Bitcoin’s fall from $11,600 to $6,400 in 2019.

At the time of writing, ICX is trading at $2.40, according to coinmarketcap.

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