Top 5 Tokens to Uptrend This Week!


Popular trader and Youtuber, “Coin Post”  in a new video, sheds light on how the Top 5 cryptocurrencies on the chart will perform this week, and the tentative price levels it’s capable of reaching.



First is the market leader Bitcoin. With bears at full strength defending levels at $6000 – $61000, a further breakthrough would catapult it to a conservative level of $69000, but an all-out of $79000 is also possible. And in case it goes downhill, BTC price would find the pace at $5700 – $53700 level.


Next on the line is Ethereum, which has recently achieved its All-time high at $2100. moving further this week, the bull sentiment can achieve the $2618 price level. 

However, it is not possible for it to plunge below $2000 at any point.  With the support level being at $1881, in the worst-case scenario, it will fall only to the level of $1289. 


The third analysis of Binance Coin, currently the biggest Dex in the market. The bull market has taken its price above $350 and has still not seen any correction. Indicating a strong bull impulse.

By analysing the market behaviour, he predicts that the price could reach $400 – $430 level and he further says, bears have to lower their price below $315 to weaken the bull run.


The analyst opines polkadot is doing great in terms of technical analysis. It has achieved its new all-time high of $46.8, after which the price fixation has bought it to the level of $42. 

However, after this movement, the bull impulse is trying to reach the price of $53.5, and he further says, bears can get on their foot in the market if the price plunges below $41.5. 


His last pick is the altcoin EOS, which rose to $6.4. The analyst says this hints at investors regaining interest in the protocol.

Further, he quotes the bear and bull response, the bear movement bought the price down to $5.3 but the Bulls pushed it to $6. 

If this level is maintained for the next 2 days, the analyst’s prediction of price growth would be $7.64 – $8.69.

The strategist has made the above realistic and short term predictions for some of the top tokens, the accuracy of his bets is to be watched out for this week.

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