Did Elon Musk Just Shill “DogeKiller” Shiba Inu! SHIB Price Surges 11%

While the flagship crypto and other prominent altcoins are still struggling to ditch the bearish status and surge to key levels. The satire coins/ rivals DOGE and SHIB are having a gala time, their surge is mainly fueled by the Dogefather Elon Musk or should we call him the Shibfather now?

The Tesla chief Elon Musk in a new tweet has mentioned Shiba Inu. The tweet has given wings to Shib Inu price momentum. The token rose from 0.00000672 to 0.00000849, fell to 0.00000739 within minutes of his tweet.

It is now trading at $0.000007472, up by 11.6% in the last 24 hours. The trading volume is up by a whopping 80.97%. How long will “The Musk Effect” last is to be watched out for.

Elon has tweeted that his Shiba Inu dog will be named Floki. As for what Floki would mean, It is a reference to the fictional character of the “genius shipbuilder” from the popular Vikings movie series.

Popular Crypto analyst Micheal Van de Poppe has also tweeted a reply. He says it is only possible in crypto for a tweet to have a direct effect on token price.

The crypto Twitter also had some trolls saying, a token named Floki Coin will be created within hours.

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Haripriya Sureban

A writer and a Crypto fanatic exploring the DeFi Space. Staying abreast on all the crypto trends and trivia is my forte. For the rest I nerd out on movies and series.

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