Elon Musk May Send These 5 Altcoins to the Moon! Says Analyst


Tyler Swope, a well-known crypto analyst, is delving into the cryptocurrencies that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk may be able to launch into space.


Musk stated earlier this month that SpaceX will launch a DOGE-funded trip, calling Dogecoin “the first meme in space.” Swope discusses which additional crypto assets may be linked to Musk’s DOGE-1 project in a new video. 

Swope’s initial asset is NFY Finance (NFY), a non-fungible token (NFT) and decentralized finance asset with ties to MIMIR Blockchain Solutions, a firm working on a moon mission, according to the influencer.

Swope points out that NFY Finance is one of MIMIR’s ecosystem initiatives, and the team has been tweeting about space, implying that they may be helping with the DOGE-1 mission in some way. 

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One such tweet depicts a toddler gazing up at the moon while holding a little cube, which could be a reference to one of the cubesats that will be launched into space with DOGE-1. Swope points out that Coyote DOGE, or not coyotee on Twitter, one of the primary developers at MIMIR and NFTY, has recently been tweeting about NFY and has retweeted user Captain Haddock, who tags a collection of four crypto assets known as the Greek space tokens. 

RHO, BETA, GAMMA, and KAPPA are the four Greek space tokens mentioned, and Swope believes they will play a role in Musk’s moon expedition as well.

‘RHO tokens correspond to the Y-Axis position value of LED pixels, according to Rho Present on the exposed surfaces and live streamed from a satellite that will be sent into low-Earth orbit in June 2022, the DOGE-1 mission’s exact month. 

The Greek tokens mentioned in the press release are the space plaques. ‘These pixel’s hue (KAPPA), luminosity (GAMMA), X-Axis (BETA), and Y-Axis (RHO) locations are gained in return for the aforementioned tokens,says the [RHO] website.

The purpose of these tokens, according to Swope, is to advertise on the sides of the rockets and satellites that will be launched into space when DOGE-1 launches next summer.

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