Dogecoin May Soon Flip BNB! What if DOGE Price Hits $1?


    Dogecoin price rally is on the verge to secure the third place on the cryptocurrency ranking list after Bitcoin and Ethereum

    The Doge price surged with a decent margin and once it smashes $1 milestone, the path towards becoming 2nd most valued asset is inevitable

Will The Whales Liquidated at $1?

The Dogecoin price rally is intensifying day by day with more gains added up. With the recent rally of more than 15%, DOGE has become an inch close to enter the top 3 cryptocurrency ranking list. As the circulating supply is pretty huge, more than 129 billion tokens, another 10% rally may eventually flip Binance Coin(BNB).

According to nearly 28.37% of the total supply is held by one address that comes to 36,711,937,792 DOGE worth more than $25 billion. And interestingly, the third richest DOGE address sold nearly 100 million DOGE tokens worth more than $20 billion on 07-May-2021.


Therefore, now when the whales are becoming active in extracting their profits, the question arises: Is a drastic dump fast approaching? 

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DOGE Price Feared To Plunge

Dogecoin price plunge is one of the most debatable topic in the crypto space currently. Some believe that the price will keep the bullish momentum intact and surge high. Conversely, according to the popular analysts IncomeSharks, a drastic dump is expected that may decline the price close to $0.5 levels.

Collectively, the dogecoin price rally may smash the levels close to $1. But whether the price will maintain its bullish trend or else the DOGE price rally falls into bearish divergence. We need to just sit back and watch in coming days.

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