Popular Analyst lists DIA, Litecoin & Zilliqa as undervalued altcoins

Popular Crypto trader and analyst Michael Van De Poppe, has now informed his new two altcoins bets that are undervalued in the market. Due to the increased focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum in the market, altcoins with potential growth are undermined, says the Analyst.


Van De Poppe took to Twitter, to bring into notice the underrated open-source Oracle platform DIA. He says it’s heavily undervalued and he’s been observing the coin’s trajectories for a possible accumulation phase.

He makes note, that its BTC pair has reached a resistance, and the USDT pair is looking for some consolidation before continuation.

At the time of writing DIA is trading at $3.58, and it has seen a 43.9% uptrend this fortnight.


Next up on the analysts’ radar is Litecoin, he believes it is a potential token for investment. In comparison with Bitcoin and Ethereum, this token seems to be receiving less traction. It is also possible for it to snap out of its downtrend against Bitcoin.

“…we can see we are chasing the highs again showing strength but the volume is still draining down making me a little cautious on this entire move, and in history, you can also see these runs also come back for a test again,”  he said in ref to chart analysis.

Currently, Litecoin is trading at $202.07 with a #9 market cap rank according to CoinGecko.


He further mentions Zilliqa(ZIL), a project that aims to make blockchains faster and more scalable. He believes it to have a bullish movement in the next week.  although the price is way far from its all-time high, the overall development has become bullish he says.

” … Zilliqa broke through after the beautiful test of the 8 cents level ran towards 18, 19, 20 cents”

The token is currently trading at $0.181 and has a whopping 4431.6% year-to-date growth.

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